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About Me


That's me on my good days :))


... And super stressed out on the Dressage Test (With my first love, Dady)

... and me again ...

  I'm a teen 23 yeard old , who dreams too much sometimes .
  I madly love horses, although is difficult for me between my job and trainings, is necessary for me to do both of them ... at a high level. 
   I'm fromTargu - Mures , but I'm "training" at a Club from Sibiu , as my collegs ( just on the papers ) 
  What defines me ? Ambition,  I'm Taurus :))
  I begun riding when I was 15 years old.
  • My first competition took place for me before I've realised what Horseriding meens , this was after 7 months of training . ( Bontida - may 96) ... And I took the 4'th place , wich has stimulated me more
  • Once Mr. Viorel Bubau has returned , as coach an as horserider , followed a very good period for us . We participated to all competition organised in Romania .
  • In '97 - 3'rd place (Amazones) - Timisoara , I've lost the Title of Champion at Eventing ( Tg.-Secuiesc) because I've missed out a  red flag , getting eliminated :((
  • '98 - 1'st place at Eventing (Tg.- Mures) , and after that everything seemed too easy for me . So I didn't participate as a Junior , but as a Senior at  Land Rover ( CCI*) . The resoult ... I My horse felt on me , and my shoulder broked in 3 pieces, and a light concussion
  • After that I took a break for 2 years
  • in 2001 I've put together all mai straight and returned ... after a month we had a competition , a CCI* in Mures , 8'th place with Dady
  • in 2002 ( may ) Romanian Cup CIC * - 6'th ( Dady)
  • july 2002 - BalkanChampionship - 12'th ( Dady )
  • august 2002 - National Championship -  3'rd ( Dady)
  • and when I thought the competitions are over this year ... a CCI** ( Mures) , nov.- 2'nd place ( Carnaval ) - they've said I'm the first romanian girl at a CCI** ...
  • And now , this resault brought me pretty up in the rankings , and I've become part of the Romanian National Team for The Olympics .What does it mean to me ? A deam I never dreamed became true, I'm greatfull to my coah , a lot of work , stress and sacrifices ...
  • Out of the team ( Romania has only one representative on the O.G. by objective reasons)
  • One mor CIC** Ravenna (ITA) - X-Country - zero penalities, but a lot to work at the Dressage

To be continued ... :)

Webmaster Madalina